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SomnoMed, Narval, and “Medicare Approved Herbst” Oral Appliances

The only effective oral appliances are ones that are custom made for the patient and is FDA approved. The "boil and bite" appliances are not only uncomfortable and bulky they are proven to not work therapeutically. So if you have tried these before and they did not work for you that does not mean you are not a candidate for another!

The gold standard for treatment of sleep apnea is presently with the CPAP machine. However, only a minority of CPAP owners are still compliant after one year. If you are one that is not using their suggested CPAP, we can fabricate an oral appliance that will help open your airway and reduce the severity of your sleep apnea.

These appliances reduce sleep apnea associated health risks without the need for surgery, medications, or other therapies. A custom oral appliance worn while sleeping, holds the lower jaw forward and open, preventing the tongue and throat tissues from collapsing the critical airway. There is a high success rate for people treated with these appliances.

Even if you love your CPAP and are compliant please consider an oral appliance for use when hunting, camping and/or traveling. Avoid that pesky TSA!

Oral appliances:

  • Travel well
  • Sleep free from attachments
  • Limited or no bite change
  • Makes NO noise
  • Does not requires electricity
  • No cumbersome head gear
  • No consumable parts to replace
  • Does not limit sleep positions

Different options tailored to individual need:

SomnoMed MAS:

SomnoMed MAS Flex oral appliance

The most comfortable and preferred appliance.
The SomnoMed is made of a durable comfortable flex material that is custom made for YOU! You can not only have lip seal (to prevent dry mouth), you can drink water, yawn, and even talk. It is the least bulky appliance on the market and allows for the most tongue space. It is also adjustable by the patient and the doctor to make it the most comfortable it can be.

SomnoMed MAS Edentulous oral appliance

SomnoMed MAS Edentulous

The biggest disadvantage to oral appliances is that we cannot use in the absence of teeth but we have found some ways around that! The SomnoMed has an edentulous option that can be used when there are at least 6 lower teeth free from disease. Are you completely edentulous? Then please consider an option used in conjunction with implants!



The beginning... One of the first appliances on the market used when there is a lot of future dental work planned. It is also adjustable and custom-made.




The SUAD appliance allows more lateral movement than most of the appliances, and is specially made for our patients who aggresively grind their teeth at night (you know who you are). The thermoflex material usually requires heating in warm/hot water to soften it enough to place it every night.


Narval CC

Benefits of Narval CC made by ResMed the world's leader in C-PAP manufacturing (so even they know oral appliances work):

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) enables high degree of customization to suit the complex dental anatomy of each individual patient
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using selective laser sintering of a biocompatible polymer material guarantees consistent, industrial-strength manufacturing
  • Use of polyamide for a slim, lightweight device that is highly resilient and durable
  • The patented ORM articulation maintains the mandible in an advanced position
  • Strong and flexible connecting rods are easy to change so dentists can provide fast, accurate customized solutions with quick adjustments to patients’ needs as treatment progresses
  • Patented physiological articulation parallels the occlusal plane, allowing for natural and free movement
  • Comfortable and flexible device creates minimal impact on teeth and gums with no effect on dental hygiene, tissue irritation, overloading of the dentition or compromising of periodontal tissues
  • Innovative, state-of-the-art materials enable a device that is strong and comfortably light


Medicare-Approved SomnoDent® Herbst® Appliance

If you suffer from chronic snoring or mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, the Herbst® Appliance by SomnoDent® can help. Based on similar appliances that treat TMJ disorders, this oral appliance allows freedom of movement during sleep. The appliance is custom-fit and adjusted by your dentist for optimum effectiveness.


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